Julian Schnabel Studio

Julian Schnabel Studio

Web Design and Production

World-renowned artist, film-maker, designer and taste-maker Julian Schnabel directs a wide-ranging array of 20th-to-21st Century creative projects. He came to us to design and archive an entire lifetime of work, build his website and make it look cool. The architecture alone almost killed us! 


Julian Schnabel Studio


Brand: Art, Filmmaking, Design 


Book Design and Production

For Julian’s museum shows or special projects, we did imaging, design, production and color correction. Really cool stuff on paper.

World-renowned Artist


Web Archive - Design Solutions

How to archive 40+years of brilliant work? Who knows. With help from web developer partners, we designed and digitized a comprehensive collection of a lifetime of work


Visualization of Life's Work

Julian is still working, but so we made sure the backend proprietary CMS worked to keep his flow of creations ongoing.



Over months, an archive or a tremendous body of work was compiled, categorized, organized and arrayed over the site. Truly a library of genius.